Saturday, March 10, 2007

F'ed Up Fridays - XIV

Kill them before they kill you.

The mom is right. And now the daughter will pay the consequences. It's really a pretty simple system: bad choices mean bad consequences, good choices mean good consequences.

And when the internet wakes up, you'll never see your car again.

Strippers are all thieves at heart.

Sure, that's what we should be doing—celebrating this guy. Somebody tell him to put the cookie down.

So, what, now we're counterfeiting our own money?

Don't forget about their headaches!

What a waste.

F the French.

Be careful, or you'll wind up with sawdust in places you never knew you had.

Number of hips liable to be broken? Four. (Thanks to Wyatt)

Sorry for the short post and lack of pictures. As I said earlier, I've had a tough week and didn't have a lot of time to surf for FuF this week. Plus, none of you are helping much with the submissions, so quit your complaining and get to work, ya lazy bums.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Delay of Game

F'ed Up Fridays has been delayed. Due to a killer week, I just haven't had the time to pull the post together.

No worries, though—I have the material and will be posting it either this evening or first thing tomorrow morning.

Of course, that also means you have time to get in your own submissions.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Government Sucks—Figure it Out

Ron Bailey, via Instapundit, points out an important fact about the Walter Reed scandal:

You Wonder What Universal Government Health Care Might Look Like....

Well, look no further than the scandalous mess at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Crappy hospitals, endless waits, mountains of paperwork and, at the end of the day, no real accountability from the people who run the joint. Folks, if the government can't or won't take good care of our injured soldiers, what makes you think that it will take good care of little Sally or Uncle Bill?
There are very few things that government does well, and even fewer that government does better than the private sector.

We have been conditioned—by politicians who either hope to consolidate their own power or are so narcissistic that they think they (and only they) have the solutions to the world's problems—to think that government is a force for good, acting only to better society and to provide what the cold, cruel private sector does not.

There is such a thing as a market externality—these are the problems that the market will not act to solve, and result in situations where government truly is the only solution.

But the simple fact is that healthcare is as screwed up as it is today because of government intervention and regulation and the unfettered right to sue a doctor for pretty much anything.

Even for all of these problems, however, we have the best healthcare system in the world. We provide the kind of medical expertise that is not available anywhere else in the world. Sure, there are some treatments you can't get in the United States that you can get elsewhere—but we can easily boast the best doctors in the world. Furthermore, we do not have long waits for surgery—think it happens like that in countries with universal coverage? Not bloody likely.