Friday, March 02, 2007

F'ed Up Fridays - XIII

3 VWs for under 17,000!

Um. Really??? Somehow I doubt it.

This may be the perfect news story. (Thanks to Wyatt.)

This is also pretty perfect. Bet Gore didn't want that little nugget to get out.

Many might expect me to point to this article and say something about how whiney psychologists are, or how everyone's always saying that the youth of today is doomed. Instead, I'd like to point out how right this article is. Kids are raised today to believe that they are all special, and deserve everything. I'm not concerned, however, as they'll learn the truth once they get real jobs.

Another banner day for NASA. (You'd think I'd be getting sick of criticizing NASA, but I'm not!)

Um. Wtf???

I'm surprised that this isn't more common, particularly with the number of cops out there using laptops while driving.


She never realized that leather boots are made from skin. This is a perfect example of precisely the kind of people who support PETA.

This guy's colums sound hilarious. As far as preventing such hate speech from being published—well, it sounds like the market is taking care of that on its own, doesn't it?

Well, Brett, it sounds like the motives were to a)get a car, and 2)to get a baby.

Cool. Does this mean we can get them to stop pooping everywhere?

It's a good thing that our public schools are focusing on what's important. And keeping our kids off drugs.

Personally, I don't blame Bush or Gore for this one. But I do think we should ask Dennis Kucinich for his help. If you think about the history of science fiction, though, what's to say that aliens would provide us with technologies and alternative fuels that would be better for our environment? Anyone who's seen Alien vs. Predator, for example, knows what I'm talking about. (I.E. the Predators are hugely advanced, but see nothing wrong with potentially wiping out humanity if their big game (the aliens) escape from the sacred pyramid.) Then there's all of the sci-fi that deals with aliens who've consumed their own planet and are exploring the universe for new resources.

F'ing liberals. They really are perverse.

If it's melting, then stop pointing spotlights at it! Jeez. And don't freaking drop these there, either!

As a stockholder, I say give it to the stockholders.

Oh dear. Don't they know that the odd ones always suck?

Okay, now seriously, who hasn't used the showers at Yale for this? (Submitted by GOP and College, the pervert.)

So it appears that Angelina Jolie is adopting another kid, this time from Vietnam. In a related story, I have secured exclusive footage from inside the Jolie household.