Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What is wrong with the world?

New York State, which includes the city in which I work every day, is apparently considering legislation to ban listening to an iPod while crossing the street. Do it, and you may face a $100 fine:

New York State Sen. Carl Kruger says three pedestrians in his Brooklyn district have been killed since September upon stepping into traffic while distracted by an electronic device. In one case bystanders screamed "watch out" to no avail.

Kruger says he will introduce legislation on Wednesday to ban the use of gadgets such as Blackberry devices and video games while crossing the street.
He also says "Government has an obligation to protect its citizenry." That's true, but not from themselves.

Somebody is listening to an iPod and doesn't hear a car coming? He deserves to get hit. I feel worse for the poor sucker he stepped out in front of. In fact, I'll propose my own law: if you're listening to an iPod and get killed by a car, your estate has to pay to have the dents buffed out of said car.

This is a simple issue in my mind: people need to be held responsible for their own actions, especially the stupid ones.

And while I'm on the subject, McDonald's Chicken McNuggets suck now that they took out the trans-fats. What is wrong with New York? Talk about a nanny state.

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Me said...

great graphic for this post.

RFTR said...

The Man gets all the credit for the image.

Pam said...

Unfreakingbelievable. But that's the nanny state for you. Next thing you know they will be regulating how you tie your shoes, because if you do it wrong, they might come undone and trip you up...

Wyatt Earp said...

Thanks to you NYC trolls, Philly's City Council is now trying to ban trans-fat in our restaurants. Never mind the more-than-one-a-day murder rate, we gotta keep our arteries unclogged!

Exile said...

nanny state aside, trans-fats suck and I for one think all McDonalds food tastes the same as ever.

that said, I hope the ipod ban is just a very bad joke, as it now seems

also, when I was 5 I distinctly remember being convinced that there was a law or executive order regulating the tying of shoes and the wearing of socks. I could have been wrong, but as I recall, their was a fair amount that the Reagan administration didnt tell us about.

RFTR said...

Trans-fats do suck—and you are well within your rights not to consume them. I fully support laws to mandate that all restaurants (fast food or otherwise) publish and make available the trans-fat content of their foods.

But I do not support the right of government to ban the sale of food produced using trans-fats. If a guy wants to sell me trans-fatty food, and I want to eat it, that's none of the government's business.

The government that is big enough to tell you that you can't smoke on private property is big enough to tell you that you can't buy whatever foods you want, is big enough to tell you that you can't listen to your iPod on a public street. That's the point—you can't pick and choose what powers to give the government, because the government will always seek to expand them, and to apply a power granted in one area as a justification for it to move into another.

You can argue that cigarettes are a public nuisance because second-hand smoke theoretically is unhealthy to those around you. But if I'm eating trans-fats, how does that concern you?

Next: as far as your Reagan comment... when I was 5 I distinctly remember being convinced that there was a big fat man in a red suit who came down my chimney every year to put stuff under a tree in my living room.

You find me the XO or law, and we'll talk about it. Until then, let's just chalk it up to your childish naivete.

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