Thursday, February 22, 2007

F'ed Up Fridays - XII

I don't like coins period, so I don't particularly care what it looks like. Do you?

I gotta say, without him, DVR would be significantly less convenient.

Another banner day for NASA.

Yes, well, being an idiot and having people constantly point it out in public is bound to have an affect.

I have a close friend who deals with stress through hair-apy, and recently considered shaving her head. Unlike some people, however, she listened to her stylist and allowed herself to be talked out of the Sinead look. Of course, she also probably couldn't have turned a profit by going further.

Extra limbs sound like they could be a result of inbreeding; Nicky Janaway sounds like he almost certainly is.

Wait a minute. If they'd pulled over, it would have been legal? Of course, that may still have stopped traffic.

Get this: "Ratlam's superintendent of police, Satish Saxena said it was not immediately clear whether the hospital was disposing of bones properly." Um, it seems immediately clear to me. Am I crazy?

Yet another new reason why I prefer to stay the hell away from cats.

Talk about f'ed up cells.

Never forget the fastest way to become a millionaire.

Well sure, it's got to be bettter than playing Operation.

A smack upside the head should do it.

Twisted, but come on—is 122 attacks and 20 murders really THAT significant a statistic? And if you click through to the actual report, you'll see that the number was higher in 2004 and almost 2.5 times higher in 1999. There is no evidence of a trend of any kind, particularly not a rising one. This is stupid alarmism because it makes for a scary headline. And that's even more F'ed Up.

Thankfully, in space, no one can hear Richard Branson scream.

The tighter you squeeze your fist, the more they will slip through your fingers. Seriously, though, is anyone besides me surprised the RIAA hasn't been slammed by hackers in the past couple of years?

Why do I get the feeling she made this up?

Note to self: if you think you hear a rape, don't reach for your sword.

And that's probably about the most we should expect them to find.

This one speaks for itself: "One of the tourists -- a retired U.S. serviceman whom officials estimated was in his 70s -- allegedly put Warner Segura in a headlock and broke his clavicle..."

Read the first paragraph and tell me if it doesn't freak you out a little bit.

You know all of those pictures of 14 year-olds in Hamas colors carrying AK-47s around? Guess who can get into the U.S. with no problem. Better yet, if they're 16-18 and traveling with "religious groups," all they need is a birth certificate.


Pam said...

George Washington looks too angry on that coin...I think it's ugly, and I don't think it will "take off." People like the lightness and better portability of paper money.

fatmagülün suçu ne said...

thank you