Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sunni vs Shia

From Strategy Page:

The removal of Saddam has already crippled al Qaeda throughout the Islamic world. The sight of American troops in Iraq enraged al Qaeda, and Islamic radicals in general. This was the one thing these maniacs could not tolerate. They all flocked to Iraq, began killing lots of Moslems, and after a year or so of that, plummeted in the popularity ratings throughout the Moslem world. Now the Saudis are mobilizing against that other terrorist backer; Iran. The Saudis are committing over $100 billion to this battle, and doing it out of the purest of motives; self interest.
I think this raises a few questions:
1) If this is true, has "crippl[ing] al Qaeda throughout the Islamic world" been worth the US blood and treasure in Iraq?
2) Is it good or bad for America that the Saudis (through their proxies) and the Iranians are gearing up for a battle royale over dominance of Islam? (The President said he thinks it's bad in the SotU the other night)
3a) If you say "good" for #2, do we pick a side or step out of the way?
3b) If you say "bad" for #2, can we stop it? How?

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RFTR said...

1) I think it will be in the long run, if we can somehow prevent Al Quaeda from selling the idea that they defeated us and caused us to run away with our tails between our legs. If we allow that to happen, then they will reemerge stronger than ever before. That being said, I think that...

2) This would be good. And...

3a) We stay the hell out of the way, and put out the same marketing effort against Al Quaeda that they are sure to put out against us. Just as loudly as they tell the Muslim world that their efforts drove us out of the Middle East, we tell the Muslim world that their efforts drove us out of the Middle East because we could no longer stand by and watch them slaughter innocent Muslims.

We need to make it very clear when Sunni/Shia civil war spreads across the Islamic world that it was Al Quaeda that caused it. We need to continue to hammer away at the idea that only when the Islamic world emerges from the ashes of all-out conflict, ready to make peace, will there be peace. And that, when they're ready, we're more than happy to help.

Furthermore, we need to help people understand that Al Quaeda and the like will NEVER settle for peace—unless it is by vanquishing the Shia.