Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kudos to NPR

I know what you're thinking: "has he lost his mind?"

Yes, if I'm mentioning NPR, I'm usually ripping them on bias, or incomplete coverage, or just flat out inaccuracy. For once, however, I think they did something good.

Allow me to set the stage. Instapundit quotes a reader who says:

Jim Webb told the Air America/Randi Rhodes lie that the majority of the military doesn’t support the effort.

So once again, it seems Democrats get to lie without consequence or question.
Well, NPR did a little better than we might have expected.

What Webb actually said (my transcription from the audio available at the link above, 7:17 in) was:
The majority of the nation no longer supports this wa—the way this war is being fought. Nor does the majority of our military. Nor does the majority of Congress.
NPR says
The middle item in that series raises the question of whether the military really does not support the way the war is being fought.
and then goes on to say that the statistic is most likely based on a poll in the Military Times newspapers from December, which claims that in 2004 2/3 of respondents supported the handling of the war, and that it is now down to 1/3. They even concluded by saying that Webb's quote was a bit of a stretch.

I can't believe it myself, but I think NPR did a decent job on this one. They did pretty much just excuse the statement as a stretch, rather than saying the truth, which is that it's almost an outright fabrication—but they could have much more easily ignored the quote and glossed over it entirely.

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