Friday, December 01, 2006

F'ed Up Fridays - III
So, we've finally got a name for this feature. I took last week off for the holiday, and this week I've been using my spare time to rest up for the LSAT this Saturday, but after that I'll be back for the long haul.

In the meantime, enjoy this edition of F'ed Up Friday. Special thanks to Jenn for coming up with the best suggestion for this feature.

Does it still count as a crime to impersonate an officer if you're in a foreign country?

Condoms save lives. But who knew it was by carrying up to a gallon of water?

If he runs with Hillary Rodham Clinton, won't they have to use his middle name for parallelism?

"He admitted he'd been smoking crack cocaine. But still, it's a human life." Sure. But one who probably should have been allowed to experience the wonders of natural selection. Plus, notice the guy's last name—amazing that he passed the test.

I won again.

Americans: stupidly think they're going to live to 120 years old.

He's ronery, and now he's likely to be bored. But are we stopping him from getting the Wii? Maybe if we get him really bored and then ship one, we can get him to bring down his own government?

The common name of the animal didn't clue people in to this possibility?

I'd rather they spent our tax dollars to make sure the airlines gave us edible meals.

And finally, let's all give this guy a hand.

That's it for this week's F'ed Up Friday. See you after the LSAT!