Monday, November 20, 2006

CNN is officially a bad high school paper
In what could actually be an interesting article, CNN looks at the selective service department of the Pentagon, to see if they would be ready to institute a draft should it be called for. Interesting question, which they answer rather quickly (it's a yes). But here's the part that grabbed me, inserted in the middle of the article:

Chris Baker, 20, of Decatur, Georgia, said he wouldn't support a draft under any circumstances.

"I don't believe it's right to send people who don't really want to go fight for the country," Baker said. "I probably wouldn't go, but I know that'd I have to go to jail for that. That's probably what I would do -- sit in jail."

But 25-year-old Donnie Deerman of West Blocton, Alabama, said he would feel obligated to participate in a military draft.

"I'd have to do it. My dad did two tours of duty for Vietnam and for this country," Deerman said. "I wouldn't want to leave my kids behind, but I wouldn't argue about it."
This is the kind of thing that a kid writing for a high school paper does to fill column space—interview random people (usually the author's friends, in the high school case) to see what they think about it.