Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Another Strong Independent Bid
You may remember a few weeks back that I entertained the idea of a third-party bid from McCain and Lieberman. Now Austin Bay is openly supporting the same idea. Remember, you heard read it hear first.

But today, in the wake of Lieberman's narrow defeat, I'm ready to endorse a candidate for Senator from the great state of Connecticut: Jack Bauer.

I'd also like to endorse a candidate to run against Hillary in the less-great (but still great) state of New York: Jack Bauer.

That's right, I think he should run as a write-in candidate in both states.

Blogs4Bauer is proud to serve as the home of Jack Bauer's 2006 candidacy for the Senate seats in both Connecticut and New York. Be sure to check there regularly over the coming weeks and months for more updates. And email Jack if you'd like to get involved, or endorse him and his campaigns—he'll be glad to have your support.

1. Jack Bauer is not Ned Lamont.

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