Friday, March 31, 2006

For those of you
who wonder why ignoring illegal immigration is such a big deal, here's an explanation, in photos.

Don't tell me that these people are buying into American society. They are trying to supplant it, without question.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Give me a break

Ernesto Torres, a 10th-grade history teacher, fielded questions about legislation working its way through Congress.
Why is the government targeting immigrants? one student asked.
Torres asked the 18-year-old whether he registered to vote. When the student said no, Torres responded, "That's why."
Bullshit. The government is not "targeting immigrants," and any teacher who accepts that logical fallacy is doing his students a serious disservice. They are targeting illegal immigrants (notice I did not say "undocumented workers" as has become all the rage), who are (Is he really going to say it? Yes he is.) HERE ILLEGALLY.

Have we really pushed the entitlement society so far that these people are now entitled to come into our country illegally, take advantage of the services that the rest of us are paying for, and then be shielded from appropriate legal consequences?

Now, I'm not saying that illegal immigration should be a felony. And I'm not saying that helping illegals should in itself be illegal. I think we all have a basic human responsibility to help if we can, and that's fine. But borders exist for a reason. We do not need Mexico to continue exporting its poverty to America, and we shouldn't allow it.

I support immigration. I support a massive expansion of our immigration system to account for these millions of people who want so badly to be here that they braved the desert to accomplish it. If they're truly doing the work that Americans won't do, then we need them. But let's turn it into work that Americans will do by making these people into Americans. Lock down the border, and make it so only the people who want to join our country (instead of existing on the periphery) can come here. And drastically increase the number of people who we're willing to let do that—I have no problem there.

But enough of this "anyone who wants to can come here" BS.

George Will is a lot smarter than I am.

So is Tony Blankley.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thank God
Bush is finally taking one of many necessary steps. Now if he could just cut spending by a couple of billion dollars and stand up and explain clearly why withdrawl from Iraq will result in far more American deaths than if we stay there, I'll be happy.