Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Um... how about no?
NPR has a story on Morning Edition today about illegal immigration. They interview a woman who cleans houses for a living and say "We've agreed not to use her last name because she is here illegally."

I have a better idea—how about you do your civic duty and inform immigration about her?

And then there's another on CNN's homepage. They post this picture:
Payback? 86 dead in apparent Iraq reprisal killings
Under it is the caption:

A masked gunman fires at a government building in Ramadi, west of Baghdad.
Again, what twisted logic has to be going through your head to come across this scene and have your first impulse be "ooh, that would make a nice picture!"

As a friend of mine just commented, these people would cover for Osama if they were getting paid for it.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Not how I would have done it

The identities of 2,600 CIA employees and the locations of two dozen of the agency's covert workplaces in the United States can be found easily through Internet searches, according to an investigation by the Chicago Tribune.

The newspaper obtained the information from data providers who charge fees for access to public records and reported on its findings in Sunday editions. It did not publish the identities or other details on its searches, citing concern it could endanger the CIA employees.
If I was the editor-in-chief at the Tribune, I would not have published this information, but would have turned it over to the CIA directly.