Friday, January 05, 2007

F'ed Up Fridays - VI
Wait a minute. Microsoft contracted the French to develop a mobile version of Halo? Are we supposed to be surprised that they gave up and sued Microsoft instead of getting it done?

Gmail: "Never delete email again... we'll do it for you!!"

WaPo describes this piece as "The Ford Funeral: Episcopal analysts offered insight on the service." Episcopal analysts?

The FAA is in league with aliens.

GM may be in trouble, but GM is starting to show some real promise.

The news source I love to hate gives us yet another reason to laugh.

When I was on my way to my drivers' license exam, I saw a woman sitting in traffic simultaneously reading the paper, applying lipstick, and holding a cup of coffee. Imagine what she could do with this.

So, tell me why New York had to ban the stuff? It looks to me like market demands are working just fine. And since they're making the change in half their stores, you'll never have to go more than half a block if you go into the wrong one.

Someday people will get the message: free markets work.

George Lucas announces that he is completely out of new ideas.

Interesting. Being gay is now a right afforded to sheep. I'm not even really sure what to think about that. Or about the scientists who prompted the debate. What if the ram wants to be straight—is PETA going to intervene on his behalf?

This is cool, but do we really want to encourage people to specialize their knowledge further than we already do? There is, after all some merit to a liberal arts education.

The obvious question is: how many of these also have Kerry/Edwards stickers on the back?

Would you do this?

Obviously, these school officials have never seen Ferris Bueller, or they wouldn't have been quite so "shocked."

Possibly the best headline ever.

Now this is up-to-date news.

New, from the AP: fit the news to whatever conclusion you prefer.

Another newsflash! And Forbes takes a study about high schoolers and applies it to college students. Brilliant.

What about those of us with normal blood pressure?

In other news, bars will now sell gloves and sunglasses.

They denied that she was drunk, but they didn't say anything about drugs...

Ask me sometime, and maybe I'll tell you how a law like this one quite possibly kept me out of a Mississippi jail once.


Makes sense to me.

Can anyone say Red Dawn?

Okay, now that's f'ed up.

Remember Bernardo Lebron? Well I'm still not surprised.

Personally, I like having my laptop with me, but this is still cool.

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