Friday, December 22, 2006

Does this spell doom for Netflix?:

You get a free rental on the spot, and Blockbuster still sends out the next movie in your queue. And yesterday they announced that the monthly coupon for a free rental can be used for movies OR video games.

Like the author, I've been using Netflix ever since college. In college I was turning a few movies a week. I would generally get something a couple of years old that I hadn't seen, and I'd put it on while I worked on econ problem sets.

When I entered the working world, that model didn't really fit anymore. Very rarely did I find I'd want to watch a movie after work, and I'd discover that by time the weekend rolled around, I often wasn't in the mood for it anymore. A couple of times I returned movies months later without having watched them.

Then I discovered TV shows on DVD. I watched several seasons of The Sopranos, the entire series of Homicide: Life on the Streets (highly recommended: watch the entire 1st season before making a judgement, it gets better after a few episodes), the first 4 seasons of The Shield, and the 1st 2 seasons of Lost by renting them on Netflix. I find that after work I still have the attention span for 45 minute episodes even though I don't want to watch a feature length film.

But, I think I'm dangerously close to being one of the high-velocity customers that the algorithm punishes, and so I may have to jump to this system. I was certainly pleased about this deal.

Now if only they could hire more knowledgeable sales clerks... but that's a different rant for a different day.

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The Man said...

Netflix and Blockbuster are going to find themselves with plenty of free time once people can download movies through an online rental location.