Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A great move—that will never happen
Inspired by this post, I have just sent the following letter to Congressman Chris Shays, my Representative:

Congressman Shays,

You may remember that we spoke for a few minutes on the train platform and then the train on Wednesday morning of last week. I am a Republican RTM Representative from Fairfield.

I have just come across a very interesting idea that I think you, as a moderate member of our Party, have a good chance of making happen. I first saw the idea, proposed by a man named Rich Galen, here: http://instapundit.com/archives2/2006/11/post_337.php

I think it is disgraceful the way Representative Pelosi is running rough-shod over her Party and circumventing Representative Hoyer's seniority in favor of a radically liberal Democratic leadership in the form of John Murtha.

So why not call a Republican caucus and convince the GOP members to support Representative Hoyer for the Speaker's chair? Assuming when all of the votes are counted, the GOP holds 203 seats in the House (which sounds about right) you would then only need to convince 15 moderate Democrats who don't support a partisan turn in Congress led by Ms. Pelosi to go along with your idea. That would hit the magic number of 218 and win the Speaker's chair for Representative Hoyer--a good man with a long history of serving his country.

As an added bonus, Republicans can then look the American people in the eye and say, quite honestly "we got the message on Election Day, and are open to a new level of bipartisanship. The Democrats have control of Congress, and we fully intend to work with them to reach reasoned, bipartisan solutions to the nation's problems." What better way to show that than by crossing the aisle to vote for a Democrat as Speaker of the House?

I look forward to your thoughts on this issue. This is the time for moderate, compassionate individuals like yourself to stand up and lead this country into a strong future. I think this would make a fantastic first step.

All the best,
I invite you to send something similar to any Republicans that may represent you in Congress. They'll never do it, but they should.

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