Sunday, October 01, 2006

Consider This

With all of the inane, overly-emotional discussion about torture that we see on a daily basis, it's worth taking the time to read Dean Barnett's thoughts on the subject.

One of the key bits for me:

It's inevitable that innocent people will be subjected to this kind of treatment. But this is war, and in war we make moral compromises. For example, normally we don't like to kill people. In war, we try to kill people by the thousands. That Amnesty International guy that I was on TV with last night kept whining that we wouldn't be having any of this if it weren't for 9/11. Duh. If we weren't at war, we could comfortably remain in the moral sphere that we aspire to. But right now, that's not an option.
But read the whole thing.

Tom Maguire has thoughts on the subject as well—equally worth reading.

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