Monday, April 10, 2006

I was camped out eating my lunch in San Diego yesterday, watching scores of (mostly Mexican, and I'm guessing mostly illegal) immigrants stream into Balboa Park, where they were gathering for a rally before marching downtown.

And I was struck with a brilliant way to prevent any more rallys: spread rumors among the immigrant crowds that INS officers are going to be circulating and demanding to see papers.

Seriously, though, sometime in the next couple of days I hope to have some more complete thoughts written and posted.


Exile said...

I know that you are just kidding, but there seem to be others on the right who really do hate the rallies themselves. Even if they were mostly composed of illegals (which I do not concede) without constitutional rights to free assembly and speech, shouldnt we respect the principle that allowing people a right to non-injurious speech is just the right thing to do?

Jenn of the Jungle said...

See, I thought the same thing, about the ins officers. 'Cept, I am in no way kidding. The officers should be there rounding up the law breakers as they go.