Thursday, August 25, 2005

It's simple
If the American people can sack up and deal with the reality that our soldiers are doing a good and important job in Iraq, we will come out of this with a victory. Want to see how I know? Click here and read the whole thing.

It's that initial "if" that's the problem right now.

The Important Question is...
Why isn't the Bush administration turning out this kind of work?

Karl, if you're reading this, hire Scott Ott. NOW.

Idle Thoughts are the Devil's Playground?
Your parents always told you to keep yourself busy, and to stop daydreaming. They always thought they knew what was best for you, right? Well, it turns out, maybe they did. Via GOP Vixen, we learn that daydreaming is linked to Alzheimer's:

A new Washington University study shows the part of the brain used to daydream is the same where Alzheimer's disease develops — in some people — later in life. It suggests the normal brain activity of daydreaming fuels the sequence of events leading to Alzheimer's.
To paraphrase Bridget, bloggers are so screwed.

What the heck?
Regarding the shooting death of two Wal-Mart employees yesterday, reports:

The two employees had been collecting shopping carts in the crowded parking lot of their suburban Phoenix store Tuesday afternoon when a man drove up and started shooting, authorities said.

Anthony Spangler, 18, and Patrick Graham, 36, were wearing their blue Wal-Mart vests when they were hit. Both died from their wounds.
(emphasis added)
Why is this important information? What relevancy to anything does the fact that they were wearing their blue vest have?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Life imitates The West Wing
I'm sure at least a few of my readers remember an episode of The West Wing (season 5), called "Full Disclosure," in which two AFL-CIO reps argue with Toby that the Chinese are killing the US in the bra market:

TOBY: We keep picking targets, we're gonna end up in a trade war.
TOM (union guy): We're already in a trade war with China. That's why we gotta make bras our first line of defense.
TOBY: Bras?
SHELLY (other union guy): Chinese bras are killing us.
TOBY: They are?
SHELLY: They're flooding Wal-Mart with cheap bras. Domestic producers can't compete. China has tripled its market share in two years.
TOBY: I assume we're all okay with French bras, right? 'Cause I, for one, really prefer them, and I wouldn't want...
TOM: This isn't funny.
Well, Tom's right—it isn't funny. Especially when it's happening in real life:
BRITAIN could be facing a bra shortage after an EU ban blocked �50million of Chinese-made clothing heading for the UK, a trade body warned today.

It means some shops could run out of trousers, pullovers, blouses and other items in the coming months, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) said.
And the number of bras on shop floors could also drop, a spokeswoman for the BRC said.

The clothing is barred from entering Europe because of a recent change to EU quotas for clothing and textiles imported from China.

A number of 2005 quotas are already full, meaning further imports of affected goods are held at ports and airports across Europe and denied entry.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Career Suicide
Career suicide worth reading, that is.

Called to Evil

Eric Rudolph's mother says her son's confession to a string of bombings across the Southeast was "quite a shock," but that she still loves him and will continue to do so "no matter what happens."

"I think each man is destined in life to fulfill whatever he's called to do, and some people, unfortunately, are on the dark side," Pat Rudolph, 77, said in an exclusive interview from Florida that aired Monday on CNN, her first television appearance.
All I can say is: no wonder this guy grew up to be a monster. His mom thinks it's ok that people are called to the dark side??

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Razing homes in Israel
Yes, they're evacuated now, and Israel's next step is to destroy the homes that settlers have left behind.

Does anyone else out there wonder if salting the earth is next?

It's finally official
I pushed them over the edge. I have been banned from DailyKos. Apparently, comments about the fact that Cindy Sheehan called for the destruction of Israel (which she did) are not allowed. In fact, any disagreement with her positions seems to be forbidden. I never once mentioned any personal aspect of her life. I mentioned the fact that no one seems to be able to show evidence that a single Iraq vet stands with her, and the fact that she wants to eliminate Israel. I stuck strictly to the facts of the situation and the facts of what she had to say.

And my comments were flushed down the memory hole, and in the process I lost my comment priveleges.

Party of tolerance my ass. They'll never win another national election because they don't have any new ideas, and they can't even face the ideas that we do propose.

And in case "TealVeal" happens to read this: you say that I am scum because I smear the mother of a fallen soldier. First, I ask you to definse "smear," since I didn't say anything against her that wasn't addressing something she'd said.

Second, what's the limit on that. If she murdered twenty people, for example, would I be allowed to call her a murderer? Or would that make a smear? What if she wanted to round up all of the hispanics in the world and wipe them out? Could I talk about that, or would that be a smear?

If you want to blindly follow someone without considering what they say, then fine. But don't be so high and mighty about it if you can't even defend the things that person has said.

UPDATE [8/21/2005 - 15:10]: I think that the Kossacks could all benefit from reading this column. Richard, if you're still lurking around, it would do you some good, too.

And this.