Monday, December 05, 2005

This doesn't seem complicated to me
A man previously sentenced to life in prison is released on parole. He holds up a pizzeria. He writes a letter to the judge explaining that he was hearing voices and wanted to kill himself. He is granted a psychiatric evaluation. The judge can sentence him to life in prison, or order hospitatlization or some other kind of treatment, which would prevent him from returning to jail.

Does this actually seem complicated to anyone? The guy was already sentenced to life in prison, so I'm not entirely sure why he was released in the first place.

Put his ass back in jail. And leave him there. For life—as should have happened the first time.


Tanstaafl said...

Were the voices a factor in his original crime? Is there medication or treatment that would make him a productive member of society?

benning said...

No, this is about Lionel Tate, the youngest person ever sentenced to Life imprisonment in the USA. He killed a little girl, and claimed it was an accident while playing. (She was beaten to death!)

The hue and cry over his age led to the state of Florida releasing him on a long parole. He's violated it more than once. Including having a handgun, which is a BIG violation!

He needs to be tossed back in prison and left there.