Wednesday, November 02, 2005

This is an easy one for me
The House has apparently decided that internet speech can be restricted by campaign finance laws:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Online political expression should not be exempt from campaign finance law, the House decided Wednesday as lawmakers warned that the Internet has opened up a new loophole for uncontrolled spending on elections. . . .

The vote in effect clears the way for the FEC to move ahead with court-mandated rule-making to govern political speech and campaign spending on the Internet.
I didn't know that Congress was discussing this today, but for some reason I started thinking about this possibility today. And I reached a decision.

I have no intention of limiting my internet speech, no matter what laws Congress passes, no matter what rules the FEC passes down.

And I'm willing to go to jail to stand up for that fact.

Does anyone want to bet that I'm the only one who feels that way? Congress is in for a rude awakening if they or the FEC tries to restrict our speech, as it can't possibly play well in the press for them to start arresting people for violation of such laws. I don't care how much the press wants to see us silenced—this is a battle that only free speech can possibly win.

Who's with me?


Dave Justus said...

I have said the same thing previously.

Of course the chances of a small to medium blogger being prosecuted in any way are quite small. This will probably be a very rarely enforced for individuals (Kos might have trouble.)

Regardless, I won't change my behavior at all. Hell, I almost wish I were prosecuted under those conditions, a nice quick way to fame and fortune! :)

RFTR said...