Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Get the word out
I'm glad to see the President finally standing up to the hypocrisy of revisionists who claim that Bush lied about Iraq intelligence, or that he manipulated it to accomplish his goals—when in fact they were right there with him, and often even ahead of him.

Well, Michelle Malkin is equally pleased, and suggests another way that the Bush administration might turn this against the Dems: Google.

She says:

[...] the administration could prove beyond doubt that it didn't lie its way into war just by promoting a simple Google search. Take a look at this graphic.


You can either go to Google and plug in the search string in that graphic, or you can just click on the graphic. Google will take you back in time to 1998, the last time prior to the invasion that the US and Saddam Hussein had a major confrontation. The Google search string Clinton Iraq 1998 will bring up 3.5 million hits about that conflict, during which pretty much every prominent Democrat expressed his or her belief that Saddam had or was developing WMD and was a threat because of it.

No one believed then or since that any US action including Operation Desert Fox in December 1998 completely destroyed Saddam's WMD programs. So if the Democrats believed in those weapons back then, why are they claiming to have been fooled by Bush into believing in them in 2002 and 2003? Well, it's obviously politics at work--the leftwing base of the Democrat party has pulled even its national security hawks to the left, where conspiracy theories rule. And the biggest conspiracy theory that the left loves concerns the war, and how Bush LIED us into it.
Do what the woman says, and tell your friends.

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Greg said...

Just wondering...do you have anything to say concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict? Please let me know.