Thursday, October 06, 2005

Maybe they are just trying to scare usAlleged Iraq link to New York subway terror threat
It's all a conspiracy of the Republicans, right? The whole color-coded system?

Actually, I think it's the media. If you make your way over to the front page of, you'll see an interesting picture, which I've replicated at the right. The caption says "Security is increased at Grand Central Terminal." But was it really?

The Man emails:

I got on on the south end of Grand Central and did not see a cop until I got to Hunters Point.
Personally, I went through Grand Central's north passage, and even the little police office I go by every day was empty. And that photographic evidence that I've provided above? Those are the same two cops, police dog, and national guardsman that are always standing at that little wooden desk on the lower level at Grand Central. Next time you're there, go to the bathroom in the food court—it's right there.

So why is lying to us about increased security at Grand Central when it's completely typical?

The Man has more. So does Michelle Malkin.

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