Monday, October 24, 2005

Just received this via email:

Paul Krugman is due to write his weekly column in the Times tomorrow. Here is his pickle:

  • Bush just nominated a new Fed chairman, which Krugman (as a blindly partisan demagogue, largely disconnected from reality) is obligated to rail as incompetent and undeserving of his post.
  • This particular appointment happened to be his boss in the economics department at Princeton. If your boss is incompetent.....what are you, Paul?
Dare he laud the President on a nomination? Stay tuned.
It's an interesting pickle for Mr. Krugman to find himself in—and I will definitely be staying tuned.

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david said...

I dont think he's obligated to trash Bernake (spelling?), Harriet is still in play and is a walking, talking punch-line.

Also, he's following up the very popular Greenspan, having a reputation as being soft on inflation which is already triggering a reaction in the marketplace, and concerns about the dollar and oil prices looming large. With all that surrounding him, I think we'll see the measure of this man fairly quickly and if he's lacking he can be replaced. (as opposed to the remarkably unqualified Myers who we could be stuck with for decades as a lasting reminder of W's arrogance and incompetance)