Monday, October 24, 2005

F*ck the Grandkids, I'm Warm Now
Drew Carey used to have a stand-up bit about global warming, in which he described the miserable winters he'd experienced, and how he'd walk outside to spray aerosol cans into the air, shouting "f*ck the grandkids, I'm cold now."

As GaijinBiker shows us, this is no longer consistent with the theory of Global Warming.


Exile said...

please read the first comments in response to the orginal post.

even a cursory investigation of global warming will reveal why the trend in the Greenland cap is NOT contradictory to global warming theories. The cooling in the north atlantic is a well founded consequence of the global warming trends. If you want to see the "WARMING" look to the antarctic. this stuff is a bit complicated, but if you actually want the answers instead of looking for ways to justify a dismissal, it is not impossible to gain some understanding.

Now the debate about what is causing the global warming trend, that is worth having. but it kinda difficult when the reflex of so many, mostly but not all on the right, is to dismiss all talk of global warming as liberal nonsense.

one last thing - I like drew carey, but dave chappelle is a million times funnier

RFTR said...

Maybe that's the case, and maybe it's not. Either way, I do not fault me for pooh-poohing it.

I fault these scientists that are so certain of global warming for utterly failing to make the case. If increased ice on the Greenland shelf is consistent with Global Warming, then tell me how—don't just use it as a reason to drive up concern.

You want to treat me like an idiot in making your case, then I'm going to take everything you say at its idiotic face-value.

Tokyo Tom said...

RFTR, good luck in your race, which GaijinBiker has brought to our attention.

On the climate change issue, it's a shame that intelligent guys like the two of you prefer to play to the denial side rather than to delve into perceived inconsistencies. I think this issue is too serious to be taken so lightly, and I urge you to look past your first impressions, which reflect your preconceptions.

If you follow the links I posted in response to GB, I think you'll come back acknowledging that something important is afoot.

By the way, climate scientists have not made the world as complicated as it is. You seem to be insisting that if greenhouse gases are supposed to make the world warmer, then a uniform warming trend should be seen. Of course it's not so simple. More warmth near bodies of water may mean more moisture and hence more snowfall in winter. This seems to be what's happening in Greenland, but clearly overall we are seeing record, unprecedented melting. Even GB has acknowledged that melting in the arctic may actually lead to cooling in the north Atlantic, by disrupting oceanic thermohaline cycling.