Saturday, October 15, 2005

Doin' a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat job

African Americans were pissed that a neo-nazi group was marching in Toledo, Ohio, to protest "black crime." So what did these black counter-protesters do? They pelted the neo-nazis with rocks and glass bottles. Then they turned on the police. Then they started rioting and looting.

What better way to counter-protest then to provide your opponents with exactly the evidence they can use to prove their point?

Before I get attacked for racism, I don't think this can necessarily be attributed to the fact that counter-protesters were African American, per se, but it's very easy for the neo-nazis to claim precisely that.

I will never understand what goes on inside a man's head to make him suddenly decide that throwing rocks and bottles at another human being is ok. I'll never understand why a group of people involved in one activity suddenly decide it's ok to break windows and steal.

It's just stupid.

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