Friday, October 14, 2005

Damned arrogant MSM
File this in the "bloggers don't count" file.

It seems that Homeland Security has launched an investigation into the possibility that members of the Department may have leaked a security threat to family members. We learn the following from 1010 WINS:

The Homeland Security Department has launched an internal investigation into whether department officials privately tipped off relatives or friends about last week's subway terrorism threat before the public learned of the news, officials said Thursday.

The probe was announced just as Gov. George Pataki and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly raised concerns about the possible leak, first reported in the Daily News.
[emphasis added]
The Daily News reported this story on Thursday, October 13, as documented in this post.

So here's the problem: The Daily News was not the first to report this, by any means. A full week earlier, on Thursday, October 6, GOP and the City had the story.

Maybe someday those stuffy journalists will admit that just because they didn't break it doesn't mean it wasn't previously reported.

UPDATE [10/14/2005 - 11:11]: We now know the names of the parties who initiated the email warning. The Man informs us that it was two NYC dance instructors, Nicholas Seligson-Ross and Tony Micocci. He guesses that they just wanted to initiate a snopes-worthy email scare, and were victims of coincidence when there turned out to be an actual terror threat.

I think that's possible. But I also think it's possible that Mr. Ross is actually related to someone in Homeland Security—a fact that the Feds should be able to confirm or deny in a matter of minutes. I think that's legitimately likely primarily because of his using his real name in the hoax email. If he started out sending it to friends as a first-person, and began with "As some of you know my father works for HomelandSecurity, at a very high position and receives security briefings on a daily basis." I find it very unlikely that he would have tried this with people who knew him—usually these things start as second or third-hand information, but Nick claimed to be the source.

So basically he's either an idiot, or he really was tipped off. We'll keep you posted.

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Jamie Rudolph, Long Island City, NY said...

As a report in today's NY Daily News points out, Nick Ross's father does work for Homeland Security, through the TSA. I have know Nick personally for a couple years now, and I would simply like to say that if he were disseminating information about a possible terrorist attack, his reason was simple: to protect those he knew and cared about in this city. It was never a hoax, nor an attempt to inspire fear. Given the fact that Homeland Security has proven to be inept at responding to disasters both natural and man-made, I applaud Nick's effort to warn us about a possible attack. What's worse, after all: a citizen warning his fellow citizens to take care in the days ahead, or government officials using terror warnings at strategically convenient times, whenever it suits their political purposes? The Bush Administration did just that right before the 2004 election, and continues to use this technique whenever they wish to move their own personal scandals off the front page. I think all of us, if we're honest with ourselves, would admit that we would have acted similarly to Nick if we were put in his place.