Friday, September 09, 2005

Brilliant, cut-through-the-crap analysis. And it's short! So read it!

UPDATE [12:36 - 9/9/2005]: More here:

So where were they on the two days of globally televised horror? Why, for instance, didn't DoD fly all this help close to New Orleans as soon as it saw Katrina coming? The answer, in military argot, is that you don't deploy troops beneath a bombing run; Katrina predictably would have wiped out any help put in her uncertain path, just as she rolled over the Big Easy's wholly unprotected "first responders."

Then there's American history, tradition and law. Once disaster arrives, several federal laws designed to protect state sovereignty from being swept aside by a Latin-American-style national police force dictate that a state's officials, specifically the governor, is supposed to phone the federal government and describe what they need. If asked by Homeland Security, DoD will send in the cavalry. But this is one audible at the line even Don Rumsfeld doesn't get to call.
Read, as they say, the whole thing.

UPDATE [10:08 - 9/11/2005]:Exile makes a great point in the comments to this post. Why do we need to point political fingers at each other. It's obvious that no one intended for the system to fail, and that it failed on several levels at the same time.

So how about we just figure out what those failings were, and correct them for the next time. Who's with me?


Exile said...

this post referes to an article which was correct on nearly every point.


I am black, liberal, and (very) not a fan of President W


I think it is entirely appropriate for people to call for kanye west to apologize even though many will disregard his statement.

I know that most REASONABLE criticism of the bickering that followed in the wake of this tragedy will not focus on kanye west, but he, while perhaps motivated by principle, displayed the VERY WORST THING about the current political climate in the US. I also saw some of this on Bill Maher's mostly lame and unimportant cable show tonight. While blame whould be apportioned to everybody who deserves it (Clinton, Bush, Nagin, nature, nuture, etc.) it might just be better, IF ONLY FOR RIGHT NOW, for everybody from either side decided to wait indefinitely to express their anger and frustation as hostile blame. it might just help this situation as well as the future of America.

Exile said...

The latest cover of The Economist is perhaps the best symbol of this recent catastrophe. What I believe is the finest news organ available has cut to the core of the issue, without exaggerated blame, retaliatory rhetoric, or a single word of commentary (I know there is a four word title and the print "new orleans", but you know what I mean).