Monday, September 26, 2005

Who would ever want to be the Yale Chief of Police?
I mean, come on—this is the kind of crap he has to put up with?


Exile said...

where is the crap in that letter? Not only was it respectful and mindful of the context, but everything in it was absolutely true. In my opinion, a criticism of that letter, especially one which doesnt address any specific point but simply asserts a blanket attack on its sentiment, is crap.

RFTR said...

Simple: the cops know a few simple details about the attacker. They provide that information in the hopes that it might make people a little safer. And they're condemned for it.

That sucks. This guy's just doing his job—if he witheld information, he'd be screamed at, and he gets screamed at for providing it.

Again: that sucks.

Wyatt Earp said...

The writer states that he "appreciates" the job that they (the police) do. That is also crap. As a police officer, I can assure you that we give out whatever information available in the hope of breaking a case. If all that is known is the race and sex, so be it. It happens a hundred times a day with "white males" latino females," etc.

The Philadelphia Daily News (*cough* rag *cough*) omitted the race of a gang of teens terrorizing a wealthy (mostly white) neighborhood in Philly. The group was responsible for over twenty robberies and assaults of the elderly. The writer from the News purposefully omitted the race because he didn't want to feed into the hysteria. As a result, the residents had no idea what the attackers looked like.

The gang, it turns out was black, and would have ben noticed right away in that neighborhood if the info was out there. It wasn't, and they attacked a 90 year old woman a week later.

Say what you want, but that piece of info may have saved that woman - who is probably someone's grandmother.

P.S. - Sorry for the rant.