Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Joe Biden is an ass
I'm listening to him question Roberts while I work (CRAZY day at the office—no time to even breathe), and I just had to point out that he's an idiot.

He just spent 10 minutes arguing with Roberts about whether Ginsburg answered specific questions or not. Roberts kept trying to explain that nominees should not give any forecast of how they'll deal with cases that may come before the court, and Biden kept demanding to know if that's what Ginsburg did or not.

Why don't people understand that just because something has been done one way in the past doesn't make it the right way? Roberts' position is clearly that, independent of what may have gone on in the past, there are specific lines that he feels he must draw, and he's drawn them.

And then Biden accused him of filibustering. Somebody needs to whack him upside the head. Hard.

Here's SCOTUSblog's liveblog description:

12:32 - Biden presses Roberts very hard, talking over him, to give a more direct answer to whether he agrees with Rehnquist in dissent in Moore. Biden says that Roberts is filibustering. It doesn't come across that way.
Agreed. Biden comes across as petulent and frustrated. Roberts is calm and restrained, and finds himself constantly interrupted by Biden's whining—doesn't seem like a good strategy on Biden's side.

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