Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's been a while
Some time has passed since my last one of these, but it's time again for some apologies.

I know I've been pretty absent lately, and never put up those pictures I promised. I've been taking on more responsibilities at work, and it's had me getting home late, and exhausted.

I'm also pretty sick of the hurricane coverage—I think FEMA did everything they've ever said they'd do, that Nagin and Blanco were too slow to order and carry out a mandatory evacuation, and that we need to figure out what went wrong to have so many people stay behind as the storm rolled in, not what went wrong in the aftermath, because it never should have gotten to the point it did.

So, it's been a mixture of burnout and exhaustion. I'm still going to stay away from Katrina commentary (and, frankly, I'm not that interested in the Democrats' manufactured reasons for opposing Roberts either), and hopefully find some other good nuggets to comment on.

I think I'll be back into the full swing of things by the end of the week. But don't go away, because I'll be posting in the meantime, too!

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