Friday, August 19, 2005

This is getting serious
In our continuing series on inventions that will render us helpless as the robots seize control, on which The Man has also commented, we have news from

Smiling nervously, the young woman walks forward in a straight line. Suddenly, she veers to the right. She stumbles and stops, attempting to regain her balance, and continues to walk forward. And then she veers off to the left.

No, she's not intoxicated. The young lady's vestibular system, which controls her sense of movement and balance, has been thrown off-kilter by two weak electrical currents delivered just behind her ears.

This sort of electrical stimulation is known as galvanic vestibular stimulation, or GVS. When a weak DC current is delivered to the mastoid behind your ear, your body responds by shifting your balance toward the anode. The stronger the current, the more powerful its pull. If it is strong enough, it not only throws you off balance but alters the course of your movement.
So basically, we've developed a machine, that can be controlled by remote, that in turn controls human movement.

So, when we finally get out of Iraq and devote our energies to SkyNet, then it becomes self-aware, which in turn causes the internet to become self-aware, we not only need to fear that our vehicles will be controlled (via bluetooth connections to cell phones that have internet browsers), but also our bodies? Awesome.

And, oh look, these scientists are, once again, from Japan. It's like these guys want the machines to take over.

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