Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Itching to buy a hybrid?
Broken Quanta continues on a running theme of his—explaining why hybrid cars don't make as much sense as people assume they do. (Hat tip - Dave Justus)

UPDATE [8/3/2005 - 14:38]: Ask, and shall provide—if you're Toyota, that is.

CNN is reporting that Toyota intends to raise its US hybrid sales to equal 25% of its total US retail sales, with the introduction of 10 additional hybrid vehicles. And I say: of course they are!

As linked to above, Broken Quanta shows that there's quite a difference in the consumer prices of a hybrid versus a standard gas engine. Do you really think that's all contained within the added cost of production? Doubtful. In other words, Toyota knows that if it increases its hybrid sales, it improves its bottom line. Pure and simple.


Brian said...

"A running theme". I like that. And to think, I thought I'd been simply "beating a dead horse". i definitely like your version better...

NYgirl said...

Great article you linked to. Glad I came across your site, it's very informative & insightful.