Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stupid directors
I saw this movie in a sneak preview this weekend. Trust me, he should have let her do what she wanted—it might have saved his movie.

(And what stupid-ass logic determined that a sex scene can be included in a PG-13 movie as long as the actress is wearing a bra? It's still a sex scene!)

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Tanstaafl said...

"though the plot raises important ethical issues about science and the morality of cloning."

No it didn't. Aldous Huxely raised those issues several decades ago. As have several other books and movies over the years. "The Island" took a bit of a pass on whether cloning is ok. It dealt more with how the clones were treated... and it didn't even dive into that too deeply. It was too busy figuring out how to keep the chase scene going (which was ok at best).