Thursday, July 07, 2005

and learn. The only part I don't understand:

Looking for possible timings or pretexts, one of course comes up against the meeting of the G8 powers in Edinburgh and perhaps the imminent British spot in the rotating chair of the European Union. (It can't have been the Olympic announcement on such short notice, but the contrast with the happy, multiethnic crowds in Trafalgar Square yesterday could hardly be starker, and it certainly wasn't enough to get the murderers to call it off.) Another possibility is the impending trial of Abu Hamza al Mazri, a one-eyed and hook-handed mullah who isn't as nice as he looks and who preaches Bin-Ladenism from a shabby mosque in North London. He is currently awaiting extradition to the United States, and his supporters might have wanted to make a loving gesture in his favor.

This would mean that the cell or gang was homegrown, rather than smuggled in from North Africa or elsewhere.
Says who? If these guys were smuggled in months ago, and have spent all that time collecting the appropriate explosives, what's to say they couldn't have done this on a moment's notice? Think about it. What does it take to coordinate a couple of explosions throughout a single city to within a few minutes of each other? A couple of watches and a couple of cell phones? If they'd already run through the motions once or twice, they could have waited for years and then seen their moment after Britain won the Olympics yesterday.

As my brother pointed out, the fact that the explosions weren't timed very well signifies that instead of nice swiss army watches, the terrorists were using casios.

Can anyone explain this to me?

Oh, and make sure to read the whole thing, because this was not the point of the article.

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Dave Justus said...

While it is possible that an operation like this could be put together quickly it is unlikely.

Getting everything ready and then waiting runs a huge risk of your plans being disrupted. Ideally, a terrorist would want to have as little time as possible between obtaining the bomb material and setting it off.

Britain has a fairly serious problem with home-grown Muslim extemists and everyone has known it was a matter of time until something like this happened.