Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Perfect timing
Tonight was my town's Republican caucus for the townwide elections in November. And yes, despite its unexpected arrival, I am now a candidate for public office in my town.

I chose the headline to this post, however, based on the fact that our after party was well-timed for the announcement that John Roberts, Jr. will be the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States—I had enough time to see the announcement and the Dem rebuttal, and get to the party. The thing is, many of my fellow hometown Republicans hadn't seen the event, and had many of these questions to ask me:

But for many the day only began anew after the president's announcement. The telephone companies made a profit last night on conference calls to 'introduce' John Roberts to the conservative base. Questions were blunt: 'Tell me if this guy is one of us,' demanded one skeptic. 'Is he solid?' asked another. But it was not a hard sell. Conservatives around the country went to sleep happy.
I have to say, quite bluntly, that I have no way of knowing where his politics lie. BUT, I can also say that I am confident that he has a coherent philosophy regarding the Constitution of the United States. He will not vote based on his preferences, but on what he thinks the Constitution says. And that's the key. Let's hope he's a solid conservative, but more than that, let's hope he's consistent in his interpretations of that hallowed document.

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