Saturday, July 16, 2005

Just a thought
I've avoided commenting on the whole Plame kerfluffle because, well, I thought it was ridiculous from the start.

So all I want to say at this point is (for any poker players out there): this was one of Karl Rove's all time best slow-plays. Really, a total benefit maximization from his standpoint.


DemFromCT said...

from the Sunday WaPo:

"It is now clear: There has been an element of pretense to the White House strategy of dealing with the Plame case since the earliest days of the saga. Revelations emerging slowly at first, and in a rapid cascade over the past several days, have made plain that many important pieces of the puzzle were not so mysterious to Rove and others inside the Bush administration. White House officials were aware of Plame and her husband's potentially damaging charge that Bush was "twisting" intelligence about Iraq's nuclear ambitions well before the episode evolved into Washington's latest scandal."

Only an ostrich could think this is a good move by Rove. The WH is going to bleed over this.

RFTR said...

My apologies, because my post here was unclear.

I do not think that Rove's involvement in the Plame deal was necessarily a good play. But his reaction since the investigation began has been meticulous. He's now got you guys so worked up over this, and the majority of the voting public will never know, or care, that any of it took place.

He's gotten you to throw all of your chips into a pot that you can't win. He may not be able to win it either, but the repercussions of your wasted time will be severe.

To say it another way: he may not have actively built up his advantage, but chiseling away at your advantage has given him the same outcome. Reread the Dem memo that came out last week, and the polling data on which it was based. Yes, the Republicans are screwing up big time—but the Dems are utterly failing to capitalize on that, and in the meantime are falling even faster.

DemFromCT said...

no, no, no... the Dems have 'wasted' all of three days on this in the summer when no one's paying attention. And this comes at a time when Bush's personal characteristics are dropping (See NBC/WSJ poll, where more people disagree that they can trust Bush personally than agree). You don't get that back when you lose it.

If Fitzpatrick weren't out there and if there were no more indictments to comne, and no more revelations, you'd still be wrong, but possibly be right. But that's what I mean about the ostrich remark. Rove and Bush have been caught lying at the very least, people have been watching this every day for a week, and the idea that 'people aren't paying attention' is naive. And indictments ARE coming.

The 'people' aren't screaming for impeachment, but they no longer automatically trust him. He's lost the biggest asset he's had. Thanks to Karl Rove, that situation has not been rectified. And the odor of sleaze and Nixon's enemies list has not been eliminated from the Bush WH.

DemFromCT said...

as for polling data, the election's in 2006, not now.