Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Gotta Love Organized Anarchists
It seems that anarchists have forgotten what they're fighting for when they all stay in a centralized camp:

Earlier in the day, more than 100 activists, many clad in black and covering their faces with bandanas and wearing hoods, streamed out of a makeshift campsite in Stirling in central Scotland, 22 kilometers (14 miles) southwest of Gleneagles, where some 5,000 anarchists and anti-globalization protesters are staying.
And as far as their efforts to block the roads to Gleneagles and disrupt the summit—I've been to Gleneagles. The roads to get there are narrow and easy to block. In other words, the protesters can succeed in closing the roads, but so too can the organizers prevent the protesters from getting to the resort. Furthermore, I know for a fact that the resort has a helicopter pad, so closing the roads won't do these "anarchists" any good. Of course, canceling the event wouldn't do them any good either, but we already know they're oblivious to that fact.

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