Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bear with me
Today Andrew Sullivan got me thinking. He said:

My claim that the [HuffingtonPost] is full of people in favor of 'withdrawing from Iraq, and generally laying the blame for the mass murder of innocents on George Bush and Tony Blair' is fully documented by those posts. As for negotiating with al Qaeda operatives, I concede hyperbole. Deepak Chopra just wants us to give them a hug.
So what did this get me thinking about? Coca-Cola commercials.

Yeah, I know, I'm nuts—but hear me out.

Coke recently decided to renergize their 1976 hit commercial and marketing campaign "Hilltop," with a hip-hop remix called "Chilltop." (Article here). You all remember the original, which they already re-used once in 1985. I wasn't alive for the first one, and was too young to remember the second one, but I've still seen both. Sing along with me: "I'd like to buy the world a Coke..."

I heard the new one on TV the other day, though I was busy building shelves do I didn't actually get to see it. It got me thinking about the original message of that ad—children of all different nationalities singing on a hilltop in perfect harmony, or something like that. Oh, how lovely—American capitalism can bring us together. Or a hug, like Sullivan cites above.

But the thing is, these people don't want our hugs, and they certainly don't want our Coke. They want us wiped off the face of the planet. It's that simple. Read the Hitch piece below.

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