Friday, June 10, 2005

What did people do
to prepare for a hurricane before Home Depot came along? Seriously, take a look at the front page of and you'll see the image I've posted at the right, with the caption "Pensacola, Florida, residents stock up on storm supplies."

This is big business for Home Depot. When a hurricane is approaching, they divert supplies (plywood, etc.) to the area in a big way. Sure, there used to be local hardware stores that had small stocks of these supplies, but they had no way to react quickly enough to prepare for an oncoming hurricane in the same way Home Depot can now. I have to imagine that they sold out at some point.


Me said...

Hurricane season has started already?? Oh boy... poor Florida. I wonder how SaraK and FrankJ will manage. I can't imagine she's a fan of deadly hurricanes.

Tanstaafl said...

They went to lumber yards, not hardware stores. Same place people bought construction materials before Home Depot. In fact, that's still where contractors by large quantities of lumber when they have jobs too big for HD.