Thursday, June 16, 2005

Two men who deserve a medal each
First, you've got your stay-at-home dad—though I say he probably ought to do a little bit of the laundry, too. And he certainly doesn't measure up to at least one other in the same position. Still, a good guy overall, it seems. And if you read the first paragraph, you'll see he's in many ways very similar to me—we'll just have to wait and see where I go to law school.

And here's the real winner. All I can say about this is I hope the national press gives him just enough coverage so that people send him a bunch of cash—and then leaves him alone to deal with his grief and live his life with his child, and hopefully children. This is a good man under a lot of pressure, who still has the strength to endure and abide by his wife's wishes. Through the whole thing he even maintains a mature faith. May God bless him and his family, and deliver them from their distress. God give him strength.

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