Thursday, June 02, 2005

According to, Sunni Arabs are beginning to participate in the constitution writing in Iraq. This is due to a deliberate effort by the transitional Iraqi National Assembly.

Let's think about this. The Sunnis, many of whom boycotted the January elections because they recognized that they would not have a large enough representation in any elected government for their satisfaction, are now being sought out to participate in the writing of a new constitution. Let's put it another way: despite opting out of the process, the process is pulling the Sunnis in so that their voices may be heard as well in the formation of a new and permanent government. That is, the National Assembly is making an effort to protect minority rights, even to the extent that they are pursuing input from leaders who were not elected because they refused to participate.

Listen up, folks, this is real, democratic process, and it's happening through the efforts of Iraqis, not Americans. We're providing what protection on the ground we can, and they are sorting out how to get it done on their own. This is what it's all about. This is why we took Saddam out. These people will be free from oppression, and they will lead themselves in a democratic government with real legitimacy—they are making sure of it themselves.


jj said...

As of Memorial Day 2003, Bush had declared major combat operations at an end, predicted that weapons of mass destruction would be found and that U.S. forces were in the process of stabilizing Iraq. One hundred sixty U.S. troops had died.

How much better do you really think it is or will get? Honestly two years ago 160 troops had died and we WON,things have only gotten worse since.

The miscalculations have been stagering.
Remember when two years ago we were just mopping up "dead enders and thugs" What excuse will we be useing two years from now? Civil War?

RFTR said...

Things have gotten worse? What's your metric for that?

For one thing, major combat operations were over. All that means is we were no longer trying to gain control of land, which we haven't been since.

The "insurgency" will not end until Iraq has a self-sustaining democracy that can police itself. Expecting any less is just ignorant of reality. This is an important step along that path.

We'll be there.

jj said...

There will be fighting in Iraq as long as we are there and we will be there as long as there is fighting.

Metrics Of Losing

Anonymous said...

15,000 casulties and counting

300 billion dollars and counting

The sunnis mabee,kinda, sorta,take part in their government.

I'm impressed!

Only right wing yalies should be drafted!