Monday, June 27, 2005

Maybe Rove doesn't want to govern
Political Wire links to a story about how Bush's team, spectacular at winning reelection (a claim that I would dispute in the first place), has failed to govern in its second term. The thought that came to mind for me is in the title of this post. We know thta Rove's long-term goal is building a sustainable Republican majority. Maybe he doesn't think governing effectively is necessary to achieve that? This may be cynical, but maybe he cares more about politics than he does about public policy—and maybe Bush is following his will.

If you think about it, playing for a sustained majority without governing might actually work. If the Democrats continue responding the way they have so far, even with better policies they'll scare away the public. It's like if you poke someone easily excitable: it was wrong to poke him, but when he explodes and overreacts, it's fairly easy to paint him at the villain and yourself as the victim.

UPDATE [6/27/2005 - 12:27]: Michael Barone has more on how the Dems might continue to lose even with GOP approval in the toilet.

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