Friday, May 06, 2005

You're forgetting something
There's been lots of coverage of Tony Blair's recent victory in British elections. What people have failed to point out in everything I've read, however, is that this is one more victory for the major allies of the Iraq war.

UPDATE [5/6/2005 - 21:32]: Apparently I spoke too soon.


Joe said...

I'm sympathetic to your ideological position, but to call this election a "victory" for Tony Blair is to significantly misread how British politics work. He almost certainly won't last more than a few months before being replaced by Gordon Brown as PM.

This really, really was not the result he was hoping for.

RFTR said...

Fair enough. I certainly wouldn't claim to know much at all about British elections.

I have to point out though, that you effectively just said winning isn't victory. That's just a little bit past than counterintuitive...

Joe said...

I agree, counterintuitive.

A pyyrhic victory, it might be called?

Or maybe, "A victory for Labor, a victory for Conservative in that they're a real opposition party again, and a loss for Tony Blair". Pick yer poison. :)