Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Who and why?
Who are the Dems filibustering, and why? Peter Kirsanow looks at two theories and finds some strength for both.


Diane101 said...

There is one simple reason the dems are fighting for the fillibuster, so they will not lose all ability to have the voice of the minority heard. Reps. should be fighting for this as well, for they may soon or at some time find themselves in the minority and they will wish for this ability.

Joe said...

Frankly, how about we make judges require a simple 60 vote supermajority in general?

Our system of government doesn't say that 51 votes in the Senate is enough for everything, and for good reason. Judges would seem like one of those things.

Of course, there is the other problem -- that Democrats spend too much time with procedural tools, and not enough time convincing the country to trust us on policy endeavors so that we have the seats to legislate. TNR had a good article on that.