Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This news slump is killing me
There's nothing worth writing about! I'm finally done with my college education, and ready to blog full time again. I finally have enough free time that I sat down for 3 hours this afternoon and caught up on all of the blogs that I've missed the past few days/weeks. And what did I come up with? SQUAT!

How come the news is so bad right now? Any theories?
Maybe my brain's still burnt out and I just can't concentrate long enough to find anything worth saying.

I don't know, but I hope something changes soon. We'll try this again tomorrow.


Dave Justus said...

Others have pointed out that right now the news cycle is like the summer of 2001.

Given the alternatives I am hoping things stay boring.

GaijinBiker said...

It's a Karl Rove plot.

RFTR said...

Dave—Agreed. I almost put that in my post.

Gaijin— A plot intended to accomplish... what, exactly?