Saturday, May 07, 2005

Professor Reynolds isn't thinking straight
It must be the fact that he's surrounded by so many bloggers and it's overwhelmed him, but the InstaPundit seems to have made a serious mistake in a recent post. He said, simply:

IF YOU'RE AT THE BLOG CONFERENCE, you want to use 'nashvilleblog' as your SSID.
So what's wrong with that? Well, let's think about that.

An SSID, or service set identifier, is used by a wireless network to distinguish itself from other networks. In other words, if you're in an area with more than one network, you choose the one you wish to connect to by its SSID. Furthermore, some networks—like Yale's, for example—do not broadcast their SSID, so if you do not know what SSID to use, you cannot connect to the network.

That's the only reason Professor Reynolds might need to share the SSID with people at the conference—without it they can't get online. Very generous of him, I agree, but maybe you're starting to see the problem.

If they can't get online, how are they supposed to get to to find out the appropriate SSID?

Admittedly, Professor Reynolds has spread far and wide within the blogosphere. Surely he hasn't gone so far off the rails to think that people can telepathically read his blog... or has he?

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Dave Justus said...

It is certainly possible that someone at the conference would be unable to connect to the wireless network but be able to establish some other internet connection. Dial-up from a hotel room if nothing else.