Monday, May 02, 2005

Oh boy, Paul...
Paul Krugman just loves making conclusions that aren't as inherently true as he'd like to pretend:

The important thing to understand is that the attempt to turn Social Security into nothing but a program for the poor isn't driven by concerns about the future budget burden of benefit payments. After all, if Mr. Bush was worried about the budget, he would be reconsidering his tax cuts.

No, this is about ideology: Mr. Bush comes to bury Social Security, not to save it. His goal is to turn F.D.R.'s most durable achievement into an unpopular welfare program, so some future president will be able to attack it with tall tales about Social Security queens driving Cadillacs.
I do believe that Bush's plan is ideologically driven—but maybe that just means that Bush is trying to turn the program into something effective for the people who need it most? Yeah, he's trying to destroy the FDR version of Social Security, but maybe that's because "social security" is now needed far less than it was in the Depression. Maybe we should be focusing instead on "social improvement."

Let's help the poor stop being poor, instead of spreading the money around people who don't need it nearly as much as Krugman wants us to believe.

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jj said...

Social Security was never meant to be an investment program it is an anti poverty program. Taking money out of the system for private accounts will not help it. If his goal is to help the poor get a better return then help them set up IRA's or the like outside SS and leave the saftey net that keeps many off the streets. Barely. And why not fix Medicare which is twice the "crisis"by cutting medical care to the poor oh wait he is.
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