Sunday, May 15, 2005

Lucas Lies
According to George Lucas has an explanation for the unpopularity of Episodes I and II:

Lucas told reporters he was not too concerned by the negative reaction to Episodes I and II of the prequel trilogy.

"We've discovered in the last few years ... that we have two fan bases," he said. "One is over 25 and one is under 25.

"The films that those people (over-25s) don't like, which is the first two, actually are very fanatically adored by the under-25-year-olds."
First off, I'd appreciate it if Lucas didn't attempt to speak for me. Second, he's wrong anyway—I don't know a single under-25 year-old who thinks Episodes I and II are any good, least of all as good as the original Star Wars movie or even trilogy. Lucas may be able to produce an under-25 demographic that liked these two movies, but it's not because they're under 25 as he claims.

I don't know what the explanation is, but if there's a universal loathing of Jar Jar Binks among EVERY under-25 that I know, that would imply to me that there's some x-factor that isn't age. Anyone have guesses? I'm thinking maybe it's intelligence, or culture, or something related.


The Man said...

I was under 25 when Episode 1 came out. I thought it was horrible, I even went a second time thinking I was missing something... I wasn't.

I only saw Episode 2 once, I knew from the first viewing that is was crap.

Richard said...

Hey! There is hope for "Revenge of the Sith."

Lucas didn't write it.

Richard said...

Well, I just saw "Revenge of the Sith."

If you like good acting, well-written dialog, decent plotting and all 'round enjoyable story - This ain't it.

I loved the first three, found the next two weak, hated and continue to hate Jar Jar Binks, and had real hopes for this one.

Hopes dashed. Even the good parts of the battle scenes are brightly colorized versions of a Horatio Hornblower sailing ship battle badly transferred to space and backed up with strange loud noises.

A decent actor playing Anakin SkyWalker could have saved the movie. Apparently George Lucas doesn't know any adequate actors and doesn't even know anyone who knows an adequate actor. This was the worst movie I have seen in the 21st Century.

I already know that Lucas doesn't know decent writing, so I wasn't expecting any. No disappontment there. I got what I expected.

Perhaps it was all just a single word game. He meant to call it "Revenge of the Shit" and the censors wouldn't let him. They should have. We need to demand truth-in-labelling.

I admit it. I started reading Science fiction in the early 50's when I read "Cosmic Engineers" by Clifford D. Simac. I read the three great Asimove future-history books as they came out. I still remember "Forbidden Planet" adn "Destination Moon" when I was in High School. There were also some ZaZa Gabor science fiction movies that are better forgotten, but I use them as a standard for how bad a movied can get. This one was less entertaining than the ZaZa Gabor movies.

I should have known better - it was George Lucas after all - but I am really disappointed.

But I did just see the final show of the "Andromeda" series. It tied up all the story lines, and gave me a last chance to watch Lexa Doig acting. (Romie) I'm sorry to see it go, but it, also, had writing problems. They ran out of ideas over a year ago. No surprise that Andromeda and the final Starship Enterprise series have both ended. The Rodenberry legacy has ended. He was a science fiction writer himself, and knew how to write and get decent writers to tell stories. The shows slowly have trailed off since his death, and the key is the inability to write decent science fiction stories.

George Lucas' problem is that he wasn't trained as a writer. His training was in film-making. He originally pushed the envelope of special effects, but when that ran out, he had nothing left to offer except his excessive reputation with people who might know moivies, but don't know story-telling and REALLY don't know science fiction.

So. I was really disappointed in Revenge of the Shit. I should not have been surprised though.