Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm back!
Graduation is through, and I'm moved out of my dorm. I can't move into my new place until next week, so I'm squatting with my parents for a while. I start my new job on Tuesday, so I have no way of knowing what my blogging schedule will be after that. I intend to work hard, so I won't be blogging at work. This means that I can only post in the evenings or early mornings. I'll be getting up pretty early as it is, so posting in the mornings won't be easy. If my office gives me a laptop, I may try to write some posts during my commute (train, not driving—don't worry, I'm not that stupid) and batch post when I get to work. Otherwise, I'll post at night based on the previous day.

And I'll be honest: the real world could spell the end of pertinent political blogging, as end of the day posts can often be pointlessly redundant. We'll have to wait and see—I hope at least a few of you might stick with me through this experimental period. If you're still here now, I know you've got some patience as I haven't been the most consistent blogger over the past few weeks. I promise I won't just disappear, though, I'll let you know if I decide to pack it in—though you'll probably know before I do since I'll likely be too stubborn to give up until it becomes abundantly clear that I should.

Anyway, there's your update—on to the real stuff.

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