Thursday, May 26, 2005

I'm alive...
...and I've even been checking the news all day. Problem is, I can't live up to my promise to post more. Why? Because the news is so d*mned dull right now!

Yippee... Newsweek made up a story—is this supposed to surprise us?

Yippee... Newsweek published a different cover and story in foreign papers than it did in US papers, and that story bashed the US—is this supposed to surprise us?

Yippee... The filibuster fight fizzled out entirely—is this supposed to surprise us? (And, I didn't care much about this dispute in the first place, as a quick tour through my archives will show. I think the Dems were wrong, and the Republicans missed a great opportunity to shove their faces in it from the beginning. It never should have gotten to this point, and I really, really, REALLY don't care at all about this story anymore.)

Seriously, though, there seems to be very little going on in the news that I care to comment on. I'll try to have something more for you tomorrow, but I just can't get excited about today's events. Sorry (yet again).

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