Friday, May 13, 2005

Global Warming is fact, right?
Dave Justus direts us to a very interesting post discussing skepticism towards global warming certainty. It's long, but have patience and learn something.

I'm looking at you.


Brian said...


I appreciate the link and I enjoy your site. So you know, I'm not a climatologist or any other sort of Earth scientist. I'm just a chemist. But I do know how science (and in particular computational science) is supposed to work, and it's very clear to me that many climate researchers have forsaken sound science for effective politics. That should be disturbing no matter who you are, I think.


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Charley on the MTA said...

Hi Brian(s),

Lookin' right back at you. You can catch our outrageously wordy back-and-forth at the blog you kindly linked.

And hey, if you're looking at me, ping me next time.


RFTR said...

I don't have pinging capability...